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Technical equipment

At EIA LTD we utilise a range of different technical equipment for monitoring water quality and inspecting specimens. 

YSI Pro Plus

The YSI Pro Plus enables us to measure water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity ammonia and nitrate. The machine can take consecutive measurements of these parameters for up to 40 hours. This enables us to understand the water quality dynamics of a freshwater environment.

Hach 2100 Turbidimeter

The Hach 2100 Turbidimeter enables us to measure turbidity or the cloudiness of the water. High turbidity waters indicate that a large amount of suspended sediments are present in the water column. High suspended sediment concentrations in a stream can be detrimental to aquatic ecosystems. Gill breathing animals can become irritated and lower the capacity to abstract oxygen from the water column. Settled solids can also smother preferential habitat and lower food value for algal grazing animals.

Olympus SZ30/60 Dissecting Microscope

with cold light source is used to examine any freshwater or marine macro-invertebrates.

Meiji Dissecting Microscope

Is also used to examine freshwater and marine macro-invertebrates.

FP111 Flow Probe

The FP111 Flow probe enables us to measure stream or pipe water velocity. The probe is inserted into the water column at various distances across the water stream from which average velocity is calculated. The cross sectional area is then determined and multiplied by average velocity to give flow in litres/ second.

Fish traps

We use fine mesh fykes and minnows for our fish monitoring. Happy to hire out if you need to use some.

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