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Freshwater Ecologists

Environmental Impact Assessments Limited is a niche environmental consultancy specialising in:

  • freshwater quality
  • data analysis
  • environmental impact assessments
  • resource consent advice

Brett Stansfield - Director

  • Environmental Scientist with 25 years experience
  • Guest lecturer for Auckland University of Technology
  • Extensive experience in monitoring and technical reporting of rivers lakes wetlands and coastal environments
  • Electric fishing certified
  • Expert witness for environment court and regional council hearings
  • New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society member
  • Water New Zealand member
  • 15 years experience as an environmental scientist for two regional councils
  • Extensive experience in statistical analysis and reporting of water quality data.
  • Certified independent hearings commissioner
  • Responsible for external client management

Dr Peter Edwards

  • Proficient in Te Reo Maori
  • Cultural Impact Reporting
  • Relationship building with external and internal stakeholders and local Iwi
  • Underwater survey experience (Mayor Island Marine Reserve, Te Whanganui-AHei Marine Reserve, environments Mercury Islands)
  • Freshwater lakes, streams and invertebrate surveys (Rotorua lakes district, Tauranga, Katikati)
  • Estuary survey and sample collection
  • Internal & external audit, compliance monitoring
  • Extensive laboratory experience

    Amanda Kirk

    • Vegetation Surveys
    • Bird Counts
    • Project Management
    • Ecological Restoration Project Team Lead – wetlands, riparian corridors, reserves
    • Riparian and wetland planting plans
    • Plant and animal pest monitoring 
    • Contaminated soil sampling
    • Health and Safety, risk assessment
    • Stream monitoring
    • Data logger experience (Allegros)
    • Tree felling NZQA Qualified
    • Chainsaw operation and safety NZQA Qualified
    • First Aid Trained

    Dr Abigail Kuranchie

    • Proficient in water quality assessment
    • Proficient in scientific communication
    • Freshwater invertebrate identification
    • Freshwater algae identification
    • Proficient in multivariate data analysis
    • Proficient in freshwater ecosystem assessment
    • Expert in environmental reporting on freshwater ecosystems
    • Extensive laboratory experience
    • Member of NFSS and NZES

    Matariki Roche

    We welcome Matariki Roche, who recently completed her degree from Victoria University. Mata is a great technician and is proficient in macro-invertebrate and periphyton taxonomy. As we head towards peak season (Summer) Mata will be engaged in a mix of laboratory and field work duties. Mata is also fluent in te reo, she gives us an in house lesson every week!

    • Macro-invertebrate and periphyton taxonomy
    • Petrifilm E.coli analyses
    • Quality assurance
    • Data entry and database management
    • Water quality apparatus maintenance

    Our Associates

    There is no job too big or too small for EIA. We work with a number of specialists and associates.


    • Restoration Ecology - wetlands, forests, estuaries 
    • Socio-environmental Impact Assessments 
    • Terrestrial Habitat Assessments 
    • Resource Management 
    • Assessment of Environmental Effects 
    • Habitat Restoration Design 
    • Invasive Mammal Control - predator control 
    • Revegetation Design - planting, weed control 
    • Project Management 
    • Stakeholder Engagement

    Web:  http://www.aranovus.co.nz 
    Email: grant@aranovus.co.nz 
    Cell:    027-277 5433


    • Resource Management
    • Biodiversity Policy
    • Wetlands Ecology
    • Forests Ecology
    • Coastal Ecology



    Ecologist/Resource Management Specialist

    • Preparation of Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) and other environmental documentation
    • Evidence presentation at Council hearings & Environment Court.
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Analysis and interpretation of biological communities and water chemistry data
    • Freshwater surveys- SEV, MCI, habitat assessment, fish surveys
    • Marine ecological surveys

    Email: lgowing@argoenv.com
    Web: www.argoenv.com

    Get in Touch

    If you need resource consent advice for anything surrounding water quality, freshwater ecology, aquatic ecosystems, riparian vegetation, stream gaugings, stream depletion or freshwater biodiversity then please get in touch. 

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