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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a resource consent?
Your local or regional council has a plan that is the founding document for all development in your region. It is likely that your development may not be permitted without demonstrating you plan to avoid remedy or mitigate any environmental impacts you may cause. This is usually addressed in an environmental impact assessment. WE DO THIS STUFF!

What is an environmental impact assessment?
An environmental impact assessment is a technical report that outlines your proposed development, any impacts on the environment it may have and what measures can be put in place to ensure the impacts are minimised or avoided completely. WE DO THIS STUFF!

What is ecological offsetting?
Sometimes your impacts may not be able to be reduced sufficiently onsite. You must therefore consider ecological offsetting whereby the impacts of your development could be offset to another site by making restoration efforts to the other site. This usually requires an ecological restoration management plan. WE DO THIS STUFF!

What is an ecological management plan?
An ecological management plan outlines how you may improve the habitat of a given environment. Common plans include wetland enhancement plans and riparian enhancement plans. WE DO THIS STUFF!

What is community science? 
Community science is just that, local communities conducting scientific surveys to better understand the state of environment for their region. We work with kindergartens, community groups, schools and universities to formulate state of our environment reporting! Its fun and we all learn! We’re all in this together folks, we are the technical support end to these projects. Need help? Then contact us because WE DO THIS STUFF!