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Vegetation Surveys

We often conduct vegetation surveys to provide information of the botanical characteristics of a catchment. Aquatic and terrestrial plants are identified to species and reported on accordingly. It is important to have a good layer of vegetation surrounding any waterbody to trap any water runoff that may be carrying sediments and nutrients that can harm aquatic ecosystems.

Water Net (Hydrodictyon Reticulatum)

Is a taxon of green algae that likes clear eutrophic water and has become a pest in New Zealand. Mats of this noxious aquatic algae can form extensive mats that clog stream flow and deplete oxygen levels through respiration at night time. As the mat grows the top layer can die and decay causing further depletion of stream oxygen levels. Water net is commonly found in open stream environments that lack riparian cover.

Glasswort – Sarcoconia Quinqueflora

Is a species of succulent halophytic (salt tolerant) coastal shrub commonly found in wetter coastal areas of New Zealand.

Three Square Shoenoplectus Pungens and Bachelors Button Cotula Coronopifolia

Are emergent macrophytes commonly found in the margins of nutrient enriched slow flowing creeks.

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