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Awataha Greenway Opening , April 1st 2023

A Great Day For Community Engagement

The Awataha Greenway opening occurred on Saturday April 1st. Despite average weather conditions there was a good turn out of people (likely to be in the thousands). It provided the opportunity for the Northcote community to celebrate the daylighting of over 1 km of stream with riparian planting and exploring the network of public open spaces that follow the Awataha Stream channel. 

A greenway is a green ‘corridor’ designed to make it easy and pleasant for people to move around part of a neighbourhood or city. Northcote’s new greenway follows the path of the former Awataha Stream to the sea. The greenway forms a network of parks, public spaces and quiet streets that provide a safe and healthy environment for people, plants and wildlife. Some greenways, including this one, provide for the movement and cleaning of water as well.  

Since the daylighting of the stream in December last year the channel now contains 8 macroinvertebrate taxa plus banded kokopu and shortfin eels. It’s a good news story!