My name is Brett Stansfield and I am the director of Environmental Impact Assessments Limited which is a small environmental consultancy specializing in:
Bulletfreshwater quality
Bulletdata analysis
Bulletenvironmental impact assessments
Bulletresource consent advice

I am a freshwater macroinvertebrate taxonomist and have extensive experience in environmental data analysis and technical report writing. If your business needs: assistance with obtaining a resource consent or you are interested in training on water quality analysis of environmental data, give me a call on (021) 1104 814 or email to discuss your needs.

EIA became registered as a limited liability company in July 2008. The core business of EIA is providing advice to councils, consultants, farmers and property developers on water quality and the ecological status of freshwater environments.

The company comprises of myself and 3 staff located in Auckland. We also have associates with expertise in other fields such as marine biology, and terrestrial ecology so if you seek advice in these fields please contact me and I can recommend you to some excellent scientists.

Our goal is to provide expert knowledge at a reasonable price for the best possible outcome for the client, and the environment.