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Technicians sort through stream and estuary samples to pick out invertebrate life.The invertebrates are a fundamental component of aquatic ecosystems and are also bio indicators of water quality. The information obtained from each sample is condensed into a biological index of water quality for assessment of ecological effects reporting.

The core business of Environmental Impact Assessments is providing advice to councils, consultants, farmers and property developers on water quality and the ecological status of freshwater environments (rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands). Assessment of ecological effects reporting is a requirement for any development near water under the Resource Management Act. We undertake freshwater ecology surveys for clients which forms part of the resource consent application. If you need resource consent advice for anything surrounding water quality, freshwater ecology, aquatic ecosystems, riparian vegetation, stream gaughings, stream depletion or freshwater biodiversity then please call us.

Our operative Health and Safety Plan combined with public liability and professional idemnity insurance gives clients confidence that the risk of potential liabilities are minimised.

We have conducted training seminars on environmental data analysis at two regional councils.

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